Tap, tap, is this thing on?

This blog, and more specifically my old blog, used to be a place for sharing photos, stories, current events, trends, studio news and travel. The practice was absorbed a number of years back by being brief and sharing bite-size moments on Twitter and Facebook instead. Now I tend to live in an Instagram scroll. You, too? As a creative, I adore the ease and visual pleasure of the gram. But I miss writing. The opportunity for depth. Exploring. Growing. The raw and real vs the sizzle and highlight reel and 24 hour cycles.

So, here we are. Starting a new season. On the last day of my favorite month. And recommitting to this space. And also over at my portrait blog.

Let’s be open again, shall we? Add me to your reading list. Linger with me over your morning coffee. Drop a comment with a topic you’d like me to cover. Let’s go back to simpler, slower times and reconnect.

I’ll start:

I love your love.

Your relationships inspire me.

I have been photographing weddings professionally since 2003. Your love has fueled my heart to believe in partnerships and when officiants always say “may today be the day you love each other the least” as you say your I Do’s. Sometimes you are outward with your affection, other times I witness it more quietly. The bravery of your commitment and then the thrill of watching you start a family is the most beautiful gift you have all shared with me.

I had no idea that my first wedding — for my cousin Jeff just off the Marginal Way in Ogunquit in 2001— would lead to a career in documenting love. Just a few short weeks after, 9/11 would happen and cause me to question my place in the photo department at the Washington Post. I pivoted toward you and the importance of your stories instead of mainstream news. A few years following, a called-off engagement released me of ties to Washington, DC, and I pivoted again. This time, to a lifestyle change from city life to the beauty and slower pace of Portland, Maine. And also to my best friend. Because friends help mend broken hearts like none other. I eventually did get married, became a mom and in recent years, divorced. Pivot.

I am so grateful for each of my pivots that brought me to you and you to me.


(photo by the lovely Courtney Elizabeth)

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