Wequassett Resort | Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Ryan & Patrick

The First Date Patrick and Ryan met online in 2014 on Ryan’s first date after she joined the site was with ...
August 23, 2017
Hamilton House | South Berwick, Maine

Tatum & Ben

On a Thursday afternoon flight from Akron, Ohio to Atlanta, GA, I arrived at my seat to find that I was seated next to a ...
August 19, 2017
Chatham Bars Inn | Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Lauren & Rob

We met at a pool party in the Hamptons in New York over Labor Day Weekend in 2013. Both of our share houses had been inv ...
August 3, 2017
private residence | Sorrento, Maine

Kari & Justin

Kari and Justin first met in homeroom on the first day of 7th grade. Justin and his family had just moved to Tucson, AZ ...
July 27, 2017
McGee Island | Port Clyde, Maine

Helen & Jason

She's a wardrobe stylist, he's a fashion photographer. They live in Brooklyn and married on her family's private island ...
July 25, 2017
The Big House | Kennebunk, Maine

Julie & Ryan

Ryan and Julie met in 2014 on the rooftop of a popular downtown Manhattan hotel at a party hosted by mutual friends who, ...
July 13, 2017
Martha's Vineyard | Massachusetts

Kalila & David

These two. This island. Their families. The love. That weather. It was all enchanting. So happy to fin ...
June 10, 2017
Kettle Cove | Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Tara & Clinton

Tara and Clinton live in Fargo and honeymooned in Maine 10 years ago. They returned last week to mark their anniversary ...
May 24, 2017
Portland Company | Portland, Maine

Marie & Will

We met in 2013 when mutual friends set us up on a blind date. We both lived in Washington, D.C. at the time where Will w ...
May 19, 2017
White Barn Inn | Kennebunk, Maine

Jeanne & Peter

Spring breeze. Love in bloom. Blended. Together. Jeanne and Peter invited me to photograph their intimate ce ...
May 3, 2017