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During the past 13 years (wha?!) of being in the biz, I have:

  • enjoyed the company of employees (up to as many as 11 at once) for 8 years
  • canvassed the state, New England, DC and a number of outstanding international (Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico!) and domestic (Homer, Alaska! Catalina Island! Woot!) locales documenting love-sweet-love
  • worked out of my home (in DC, then South Portland), then in my first studio space in the eclectic East End, then from my home (in Cumberland Foreside), then back to Portland’s Old Port (sigh, that waterfront space on Union Wharf).
  • met (in Las Vegas!) and married J (in St. John!), and started a family (Will is now 5, Clara is 3!)
  • blogged since 2005
  • taught at workshops and trade shows and major conventions
  • started and sold the wedding blog, Love & Lobster, which we populated with daily content about marrying in this great state. Yup, every day.
  • followed my heart and founded a non-profit for wedding professionals, Pink Initiative, to raise funds to help save lives in the fight against breast cancer
  • created a safe and somewhat campy space for pro photographers to live and learn together at my annual weeklong Roots Workshop
  • not had much sleep 😉

It’s been a busy, beautiful run so far. I’ve learned a TON, seen even more and felt your love cheering me on throughout. Thank you!!

Over the past several months I have simplified and made several decisions:

  • to launch a separate portrait and lifestyle photography website
  • to close our Old Port studio and work from home again
  • to dissolve Pink Initiative, the 501(c)(3) non-profit I founded in 2008
  • this will be my last season with associate photographers
  • with all of this simplifying, we don’t need an office manager (love you, Nicole!)

Lotta changes! Big ones. But you know, I’m really happy. What a wonderful, wild full-circle adventure this has been. It felt necessary to mark this massive pivot with a rebrand; time to retire the pink and brown.

So I’m now just Emilie. You know, like Madonna. And Prince! Ha, I’m the artist formerly known as Emilie Inc. Whatever you want to call it, I’ve got a fresh new brand, crazy awesome palette, new site and clarity. I can’t wait for what’s ahead.


If you’re looking for the old blog, it will remain parked at blog.emilieinc.net where I will continue to update occasionally throughout the season!


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