maine_mothers_day_emilie_inc_0001We had my baby shower at the Black Point Inn and have gone back each year since for their amazing Mother’s Day brunch.

We always start by taking a few pictures together (as any mom of toddlers knows this is the one small window of cooperation to do so). It was a cool day in Maine today, so we opted for their pretty sun porch. As J snapped off a few frames, Clara stopped him because she wanted to hold William’s hand. For real. Their relationship fuels me with boundless joy and I feel so lucky they made me a mom.

Then we headed into the formal dining room where they made a beeline for the dessert buffet, specifically the chocolate-covered strawberries which they remembered from last year. And the pastry chef did, too.

I love the views, the raw bar, the live music and the chance to get dressed up and spend time with my family. The kids love the ice sculptures, the fancy napkins, the old-fashioned elevator and plenty of rooms to explore. And of course, those decadent strawberries.

Whatever traditions you celebrate today or whatever your family make-up, it’s an honor and a pleasure to witness your relationships with your moms and mother-figures through my lens on your wedding day. Unconditional love is universal and I count my blessings to be a member of this club.

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