On a Thursday afternoon flight from Akron, Ohio to Atlanta, GA, I arrived at my seat to find that I was seated next to an attractive woman in 10A. After a conversation that lasted the length of the flight, we discovered we had similar careers and a number of shared interests. We also shared travel itineraries, based on the fact that we both connected in Atlanta from Ohio weekly for work.

Call it a missed signal or logistics challenge, but the flight landed and we left the plane without exchanging our contact information. Over the coming weeks, as I passed through Hartsfield-Jackson, I kept looking around to see if she was there.

One week in August, I had to travel home on a Wednesday due to some internal firm meetings at the home office. I arrived early to the airport and was one of the first people to board the plane bound for Atlanta. About 10 minutes prior to the crew closing the boarding door, I see her enter the plane. I was ecstatic but very anxious to see if she remembered me, or if she would even still want to talk to me, or if she was even seated anywhere near me for that matter. She walks toward me and sits down at her seat; next to me.

I’ll skip the details of the second flight, but what is important is that we exchanged numbers and started dating shortly thereafter. Our lives and careers have taken us a few places over the past three years since that flight. We have grown closer and closer and there is no doubt in my mind that we belong together.

photographers: Emilie and Lindsay, emilie inc. | venue: Hamilton House, South Berwick | officiant: grandfather of the groom | caterer, coordinator: Portsmouth Catering Company | flowers: Beautiful Days | band: Retrospecticus | beauty: Salon Loka, Ogunquit | tent: Exeter Events and Tents | transportation: Northeast Charter | gown: Augusta Jones | groom: Kent Wang | honeymoon: France and Italy

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