Looking for a way to wow your wedding party? Your spouse? Or as a thank you to mom & dad?

Consider a custom piece from CHART metalworks, a local Portland company that creates one-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories and housewares from nautical charts and maps of anywhere in the world. Your wedding location! Where you got engaged! Had your first date! Your favorite city! Or vacation spot! The possibilities are endless (right?! hence all the !!!). Between belt buckles, necklaces, cuff links, key chains, holiday ornaments, paper weights and— my favorites— bottle openers and wine stoppers— there’s something for everyone.

Way back when, in 2010, I visited CHART owners Charlotte and John in their Custom House Wharf studio for a vendor tour for my (now sold) regional wedding blog Love & Lobster just after their entreverge entrepreneur award (recognize anyone interviewed in this article?). In the years since their business has grown exponentially: they were acquired by Sea Bags (another local fave) and their coveted designs are literally available across the globe. They have outgrown the wharf and now have a bigger staff and a larger location, one that I recently had the chance to visit. On the day I stopped by, 700 pieces were anticipated to go out the door that week. That’s… amazing!!

To appreciate their spacious second floor space (above Hi Bombay restaurant), you must take a moment to reflect back on where it all started in the original blog post here. Wow, right? That yummy light and character-filled space was enchanting (and hot, if I remember correctly, and certainly a wee smelly at low tide). They are now in a more commercial setting with plenty of space for their 11 employees to craft these memorable keepsakes from concept to completion.

Curious? Make an appointment to discuss your wedding gift needs or stop by to browse their pre-made selection (which is also available at Sea Bags, 25 Custom House Wharf).

CHART metalworks, 1 Pleasant St., Suite 2, Portland, Maine

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