April 5, 2020

Album info

In this digital age we mostly showcase our lives on our social feeds, don’t we? Here is why I believe there is still a place and a purpose for printed photo albums in our lives:

The obvious: People say it all the time, I know, but after the flowers wilt and the cake is cleared, photographs are what help families remember. Years from now you won’t remember what blooms were in your bouquet or what flavor your tiered dessert was, but your images will.

Why it matters: After my grandparents’ passing, I found comfort in browsing their wedding album. I loved hearing how my aunt Missy was the one who was entrusted to care for the book. Similarly, I love looking through my parents’ wedding images, remarking on the poses and the fashion, the colors and the style. Don’t you? So interesting! When I was little I was the flower girl in my aunt Susie’s wedding. My family loves to tell the story that I pouted all day long because the lace around my sleeves was itchy. There are pictures aplenty with my prized scowl. Classic.

The process: Photography is as important to you as it is to me, therefore it is my responsibility to take very good care of you, sharing my expertise both before, during and after your wedding. My designer walks you through every step of the album process, helping you choose images and collaborating on a custom layout which I oversee and sign off on with you. We aren’t merely dropping images into a template, we are working with your photographs to tell the story of your wedding day with the most perfect balance and flow, carefully weaving together image position, size, and style.

The options: For years I have partnered with New Zealand’s Queensberry. Browsing a Queensberry is an experience. I literally gasped the first time I saw one. I lingered over the craftsmanship, the precision of each thick handcut mat and perfectly exposed prints. The surprise of a gate fold or the sweet vellum title page. Ohhhhhh my! Capturing the timeless elegance and attention to detail I strive to document at every moment during a wedding, these books reflect the same work ethic and offer a complementary presentation to what it was like to be there. It’s an extension of my art, a stunning showcase, an important last step in the photo process.

Queensberry matted album: 10×10, 30 pages, $2200

For those who are looking for a more modern, collage-style design, Red Tree’s flush matted book may be more your taste. Photographic paper is mounted on thick page board so that the photo *is* the page! This yields a more thin book overall and more flexibility with layout. A mini copy of your book is a great thank you gift for parents.

Red Tree flush matted album, 10×10, 30 pages $1400 (+ $450 for mini copy)

Looking for something slim to start an annual library collection from family sessions? I adore these press printed keepsake books on Mowhawk paper with linen covers and a dust jacket.

Hardcover press printed keepsake book, 8×11, 50 pages $325