September 19, 2016

Ashley & Dan

We met at college where we volunteered together for the American Cancer Society. We were longtime friends and eventually fell for each other. After school, Ashley took a job in Massachusetts and Dan took a job in Richmond, Virginia. After two years of having our fill of airports and Skype, we were ready to start our lives together and Ashley left Boston for an adventure in the south. We could not be happier with the life we have built together (with our dog Teddy) and are so excited to become husband and wife!

Dan proposed the day before Christmas Eve of 2014. We had traveled up to Boston to spend the holiday with our families and Dan knew that it would be the perfect time to propose. He planned lunch and a walk around one of Ashley’s favorite spots in Boston, the SkyWalk at the very top of the Prudential Tower. Mother nature had another plan. When we got up there, instead of the beautiful views of Boston that Dan wanted to propose looking out over… there was nothing but grey storm clouds around us that you couldn’t see a thing through! It was honestly much more perfect that way because.. that’s us! We roll with life and laugh our way through it. It also gave us the entire SKyWalk to ourselves because no one else planned to go all the way up there on a stormy day. Dan likes to pretend this was all a part of his plan

For our wedding day, we really wanted it to reflect us. We knew we wanted an elegant wedding that still had comfortable, laid back, and effortless feel. Very family and friend focused. Ashley loves the water.. so a lake or ocean was a must. We both love the outdoors and we spend most of our free time exploring outside with our dog, Teddy. So, we also knew we wanted to be outside in the fresh air. The Estate at Moraine Farm on Wenham Lake was the perfect fit for us. The grounds are beautiful and stately yet down to earth. We really let the venue be the guide for the style of the whole wedding. ( Also, I mean, who doesn’t love a guy in a navy suit!)

Fun fact:
– The father of the bride (Ed) will be doing Ashley’s hair! Ashley’s parents own a salon and spa together (Makeovers Salon & Spa in Easton, MA). It’s going to be really special for the both of them!

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photography: Emilie and Amanda, emilie inc. | venue: The Estate at Moraine Farm, Beverly, MA | officiant: Ed Minderlein | caterer: Fireside Catering | flowers: Purple Statice | band: Men in Black | cake: Montillio’s Baking Company | videographer: The Pros | beauty: Makeovers Salon and Spa, South Easton | transportation: US Coachways and Salem Trolley | bride: Mikaella at Christina’s of Andover | maids: BHLDN | guys: Tommy Hilfiger | invitation: Mark Harris Stationers | honeymoon: Italy