July 21, 2018

Carolyn + Johnny

Long story long: There were a number of ways that Caro and Johnny could have crossed paths. They both spent time in neighboring towns in Maine growing up. They both went to Penn (albeit during different deca– hey, not quite decades for those of you keeping score at home). They even both worked on the same block in San Francisco – and the list goes on.

It wasn’t until one fateful night in April 2012 at a bar called Chambers in San Francisco that they happened to meet in line for the bar. It’s not clear who chatted who up first, but Johnny and Jon Brelig met Caro and Katie Virk and they instantly all hit it off. One thing led to another and they ended up having an epic beer pong tournament that night. After too many drinks and too much fun, Johnny asked for Caro’s phone number – and you might think the rest is history.

Not quite. Johnny missed a golden opportunity and never asked Caro out (and to be fair, Caro didn’t ask Johnny out, either). They went their separate ways, looking back fondly on that night at Chambers. Their paths didn’t cross again until mid-2016, when Caro’s coworker Anna White tried to set her up with a longtime friend from high school and college, Johnny. You might think that at THIS point, the rest was history, but you’d be wrong. Caro declined the set-up (who wants to go on a “blind” date with someone who didn’t ask you out four years ago?), so Anna never mentioned it to Johnny. And it’s a good thing she never mentioned it, otherwise Johnny may not have been brave enough for what happened next… 

September 2016 rolled around, and Johnny stumbled across Caro’s Facebook profile on the “People You May Know” feature in the app. Johnny says Caro showed up because he still had her phone number (that’s the story and he’s sticking to it). He thought to himself, “JOHNNY HOW DID I LET THIS FINNEEEEEE LOOKING SUPERSTAR GET AWAY?????? There is no way she remembers me!?!” – and sent out a long-winded, apologetic, out-of-the-blue text message in an attempt to set up a first date which should have taken place 4.5 years prior. The “Monday afternoon text” led to the best date of their lives and, as we can say now, the rest was history. 

photographers: Emilie and Katie, emilie inc. photography | venue: Wells Reserve at Laudholm | caterer: Kitchen Chicks | planner, flowers: Kate Martin, Beautiful Days | tent: Sperry Tents | lighting: Griffin Griffin Lighting | transportation: InTown Trolley | invitations: Aerialist Press | gown: Amy Kuschel | suit: Theory | honeymoon: Napa and New Zealand