November 2, 2018

Megan + Chris

We met at a bar in San Francisco in the Marina, Balboa. I was with my friend Angela who was visiting me as I just moved to SF. Chris was also with his best friend, Jack. We made casual conversation and Chris smoothly told me to keep my phone out while I was calling an Uber so that he could get my number…. Angela and I left the bar high on life let’s say. Jack and Chris asked where we were going and I whipped around and said “The Lions Den” while throwing my arm up and curling like a lion – REAL COOL. 

The next morning I bring Angela to the airport and head back into the Marina to grab a coffee at Peets. As I’m quite new to the city, single and on the prowl – I would find myself being drawn to Jeeps and 4 Runners and the men that drove them – because I swear – in CA – they are all attractive! HAHAHAHA Anyway I happened to notice a tan Jeep outside Peets and what do you know – it’s the guy from last night who I think I gave my number to.

I go inside and get my coffee and when I come out he’s still there. I march up to the window noticing he is wearing the same outfit as last night. I knock on his window and he rolls it down (I’m not concerned that he’s currently on the phone either). I proceed with “looks like somebody had a good night last night!” He chuckled and told me he crashed at Jack’s – driving back to Sacramento where he was currently living at the time was not in the cards. I continued to give him a hard time and then said he wanted to call me later to play hoookie. I then had to confirm that I gave him my actual cell phone number and not my sister, Sara’s… Yep I did that from time to time. I DID give him my number.

From then on Chris truly wooed me from date 1. Picking me up with a hat full of folded up little pieces of paper of activities that we could do for that day. “Bootlerock” ‘”Half Moon Bay” etc. We ended up driving down the coast to Half Moon Bay, my first time. It was beyond magical. He made a special trip to target to get a cooler, picnic blanket, and wine. I made him stop at a nursery because I wanted a fig tree for my new apartment in SF. I later on suggested it was too heavy for him to carry up my stairs ;). Our date turned into the evening with dinner at Napa spilling out probably too many secrets to one another and then a boozy night at a piano bar. It was perfect. The sweet, mid-western, gentleman he was that still opens my door to the car for date night swept me away. 

photographers: Emilie and Denise, emilie inc. photography | venue: private residence, Ashburnham, MA | caterer: The Swell Party | coordinator: Wendy Harrop Events | florist: Wildfolk | ceremony musicians: Boston String Quartet | band: The Connection, Wilson Stevens | videographer: Media Northeast | hair: Jana Rago | tent: Sperry Tents | transportation: First Choice Limo | gown: Oscar de la Renta | invitations: Gus & Ruby