August 23, 2017

Ryan & Patrick

The First Date

Patrick and Ryan met online in 2014 on Ryan’s first date after she joined the site was with Patrick, and he had just been waiting for her to get there! They first met up at the bar/restaurant Tobacco Road (March 18, 2014). Ryan had been looking forward to the date and was feeling nervous, and so soon after they sat down proceeded to spill her beer all over the table (and a bit onto Patrick’s lap). He found it endearing rather than embarrassing (even though Ryan didn’t necessarily feel the same way at the time!). They were planning on just getting drinks, but both were having such a good time that drinks turned into dinner and eventually into dessert. Later that night, Patrick couldn’t wait and sent Ryan a text saying that he wanted to go out again that weekend. Ryan happily obliged!

The Engagement

In the summer of 2016, Patrick had known he wanted to marry Ryan for quite a while. So soon after they moved to Boston together, he decided it was the right time to propose. He really wanted photos, but needed a way for them to be warranted without Ryan’s being suspicious. He asked Ryan’s dad and mom, who love taking pictures, to be there as well to capture the moment. There planned to have a picnic on Nauset Beach with all four of them, plus lobster rolls and beer, around sunset (June 19, 2016). Ryan didn’t have a clue! After eating, Patrick asked Ryan to go for a walk and she declined saying “maybe in a little bit”. Patrick played it cool, but was having a hard time hiding how nervous he was. Finally, Ryan said she was ready to go, and they went for a walk down the beach. When they were a short distance away, Patrick started saying sweet things to Ryan (who was still clueless as to what was happening). It finally dawned on her when he started to get down on one knee. Patrick asked her to marry him, and through a fit of giggling she managed to nod her head “yes.” They all returned to the house and shared cupcakes and champagne, and placed calls to family and friends. Ryan and her family have been coming to Cape Cod for several generations, and she had wanted to get married on the Cape (her favorite place!), and even more specifically at the Wequassett, ever since she was little. So within a few days of the engagement, they went to visit the venue and set a date!

photographers: Emilie and Sharon, emilie inc. photography | venue, catering: Wequassett Resort | blooms: Patrice R Milley Floral Designs | tunes: Splash, Wilson Stevens | cake: The Cottage Street Bakery | hair/make-up: Lisa George | transportation: Cape Destinations | gown: LianCarlo, L’Elite, Boston | girls: Alfred Sung | men: Ralph Lauren, Simon and Sons, Needham | invitations: Gus & Ruby Letterpress