April 22, 2020

weddings in Maine after Coronavirus

During a 2020 strategic planning session last fall with business coach Michelle Neujahr, she asked me what my ideal wedding looks like.

Small, I answered.

I shared the same sentiment at a brainstorm lunch date with Gus + Ruby pals Whitney and Samantha a few weeks later.

“Seasoned professionals or second marriages with exquisite taste and budget throwing a smaller celebration at their summer or island home focusing on blending families, landscape and dining experience. 25-50 guests. Low key long weekend coverage of activities including lobster bake and sailing adventure.”

I didn’t QUITE expect the universe to deliver on my daydream so specifically, but this is what the reality of weddings after these stay-at-home orders might look like for the next 12-18 months (or until a vaccine is available).

What I’m reading on the various local, national and global wedding groups I am a part of online suggests that our best case scenario for this interim timing is that likely a max of 50 guests will be allowed, including vendors, which means that servers would cycle in for dinner after first shift vendors (officiants, ceremony musicians, florists). Temperature-checking stations at the entrance. And everyone in masks. It’s other-worldly to envision such a scene, isn’t it? But a necessary one for couples and planners to at least be considering as we continue in this wait-and-see pattern (and trust me, I sure would love if I am wrong in my guestimating!).

Meantime, I’m happy to roundtable virtually to go over your thoughts as you consider postponing your 2020 big gathering or reorganize to have a more intimate celebration with guests streaming and a grand party TBD later. I’m sorry that we’re all in this situation but I’m so, so proud of all of the creative solutions and flexibility happening in the wedding space when love leads. Hang in there! xoxo