October 22, 2018

What to expect: family session

Many families meet me at the shore for their family sessions. Breeze in our hair, sand in our toes and the big, wide open ocean backdrop. My favorite sessions include time at your home, however, where we can document a little of everyday life and what love and life looks like within your four walls at this moment in time. Fortunately, this sweet family lives a block from the beach, so we were lucky to capture both scenes!

How to prepare: Most of this is entirely up to your comfort level. Will you be annoyed if you see clutter in the background of the images in your house? If you don’t have fresh haircuts or a new outfit? My personal preference is minimal clutter- or organized chaos- photographs best. Definitely make beds, clear tables and the kitchen sink if you can.

What to wear: What season is it? What’s your (or your child’s) favorite outfit? Let those answers lead and coordinate the rest of the family from there. I prefer solid color earth tones.

What will we do? Play! In your living spaces, in the bedrooms, in your yard, and your neighborhood. If we meet at the beach, we’ll explore our surroundings. The best sessions are the ones when we let the child(ren) lead and keep things light vs too much direction. I want to capture everyone’s personalities as you are, not entirely with my prompts.