July 9, 2016

Winnie & Nic


If you look closely on the left side of Camden Harbor (as seen from atop Mt. Battie), you will see a series of buildings with white roofs. Among them, a sailcloth tent on the far side and a rectangular tent on the near side. This is Lyman-Morse at Wayfarer Marine. On a regular Saturday, this place would be busy loading boats in and out of the water. But last Saturday, it was a place of celebration for Winnie and Nic.

These two met by happenstance when they were seated together at a gala a few years ago in Houston, where they reside. Maine, where Winnie has spent every summer of her life, is a special place for both of them as it is where they fell in love. Nearly 200 friends and family traveled to Penobscot Bay to witness their emotional vows in the darling First Congregational Church before raising their glasses (and circling them over their heads, Winnie’s family’s tradition I have already adopted) and kicking up their heels on the waterfront. It was a beautiful day seamlessly coordinated by Meghan of b merry events and her team, punctuated at every part by the absence of Winnie’s late father.

Winnie wore his robe as her make-up was applied (embroidered with the dates of her other sisters’ wedding days). Her mom walked her down the aisle (Winnie wore her mother’s repurposed wedding dress!). “Over the Rainbow,” the tune he sang to her as a baby, was played during the ceremony. They drove away in the antique car he gifted to Winnie’s mother. The newlyweds released butterflies in his honor before entering their cocktail tent. Toasts mentioned his fierce love for family. Tho I never met him, Winnie’s dad’s presence was everywhere and felt by all throughout the day.

As a couple, Winnie and Nic are loving and playful, kind and considerate. Nic broke down during the ceremony (or, ok, maybe all of it) and again at the reception speaking about his lovely bride, whose side he rarely left. I loved seeing how they infused their personalities into the reception: banners and mugs from Mexico (where Nic travels often for work) and wildflowers (which Winnie often collects or tucks behind her ear) were visible in the reception decor.

Enjoy a sneak peek of what we saw.


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photography: emilie and Rachel, emilie inc. | coordination & design: Meghan, b merry events | ceremony: First Congregational Church, Camden | reception: Lyman- Morse at Wayfarer Marine | catering: Trillium Catering | florist: Season’s Downeast Designs | band: Retrospecticus | videographer: Geoffrey Parker | tents: Wallace Events | rentals: La Tavola (linens), Party Rentals Ltd (linens), Rentals UnlimitedDetails Event StagingAFR Event Furnishings | lighting: The Event Light Pros | transportation: Country Coach Charters | bride: Priscilla of Boston, repurposed | maids: Amsale | groom: Suit Supply | men: Bonobos