April 4, 2020

What to expect: engagement session

A perfect way to get to know me and my approach to photographing — as well as to calm any pre-wedding jitters you might have about being in front of the camera — is to schedule an engagement session. Practice makes perfect, right? On your wedding day you will both be comfortable from the start and a pro at posing for portraits. An hour session on Maine’s coast or a place with a sweet significance to the both of you can be easily arranged at your convenience (availability is limited on weekends during wedding season, of course).

I recommend that you wear nice yet comfortable clothes in colors that complement each other. Solid earth tones work best. Accessories such as belts, scarves, socks/footwear or sweaters add a great layer of texture and opportunity to infuse a bit of your personality or an element of surprise in your images. Avoid white, black and busy patterns or graphic t-shirts. You don’t want to be too formal ( you’ll surely be sitting on the ground at some point) or dressed too casual, so use your best judgment and refer to a J Crew catalog for inspiration.

I’ll check in with you before your session to confirm directions and the forecast, usually suggesting just before sunset for timing and always having a rain plan in place. Being photographed is likely a new experience for you, I understand, and I’ll help guide you through flattering poses and advise you on ways to move to capture the best available light, clean backgrounds, etc.

Like on your wedding day, the best images are the ones that evoke a genuine moment between the two of you. While it may be strange to advocate for alcohol, perhaps a stop for a cocktail on the way isn’t such a bad idea to help relax you into this experience just a little. Or have a quick chat in the car about how you two met, what your partner means to you, and how lucky you are to be planning a future together to help set the tone. These images will always remind you of this exciting time in your life.